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36ft Runaway Royal Sportfish

Extra caution used at the waterline because hull sides had been painted with fairing and paint extending below the true waterline

35ft Island Packet

Large sections of paint releasing from the hull, visible in pic

Removed all buildup, no blisters or imperfections found

61ft Viking




28ft Grover

Just repowered with a fresh diesel and the owner wanted a clean hull. Years of buildup were removed, barrier coat applied, and the boat was relaunched.



36ft Grand Banks

Tented and partially blasted for blister repair

41ft Defever

Paint needed to be removed to expose blisters discovered during a pre-purchase survey.

60ft Sal Magundi

Aluminum Motor Yacht
Objective: Remove antifoul paint leaving primer for hull inspection and repair

55ft Californian

Removed all paint from the hull to expose blisters which varried in size (1" to 6" diameter)

40ft SeaRay

Removed all paint buildup of barrier coat application

58ft SunSeeker

Starboard transom before

Starboard transom after

Starboard bow before

Starboard bow after

Tented in boat shed during blasting


38ft Henriques

Removed build up to achieve smooth fuel efficient running surface

2005 30ft Shamrock

Boat appeared to be in good shape. Paint bond was failing in a few small areas. Owner wanted the boat stripped to check hulls integrity & blisters, prior to the manufacturer's warranty expiring.

31ft Custom Built Trawler

Cold molded boat with delaminated glass below the waterline. Paint was removed in order to repair the glass prior to the application of a barrier coat and antifoul paint.

30ft 2005 Rampage

Paint failure- paint was releasing from the gel coat

38ft 2005 Rampage

Paint failure: everything was removed prior to a spring application of a barrier coat and new paint.

33ft 2005 Proline

Paint failure: poor bond of initial paint application

32ft Luhrs

24ft Albemarle

Years of built up paint removed. Boat was repowered and stripped bare to resurrect a classic hull.

23ft Searay

Left in the water without paint for 3 months. First the growth had to be scraped, then the hull was blasted to remove the barnacle rings.

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